Start Your Simply Happy Life

Founded in November 2017 by owner Brittany Davidson. The coming about of Simply happy Life derived from Brittany’s first business and passion, her clothing company Chocolate Soup.

It was through running a million dollar business with six brick and mortar locations in six different states that she transitioned from a physical location based company to solely online. Reducing overhead, streamlining her design processes and making it possible to work from virtually anywhere, which comes in handy as a military spouse and mother.

Her new passion was born, she wanted to be able to help other women streamline and simplify their businesses to allow them to work from home and gain more flexibility and time with their family. To lead to a simply happy life. With a heavy background in retail both in running physical stores as well as navigating the product based space on the online world she offers unique insights to her clients.

Brittany is all about working smarter not harder, and enjoys the challenge of setting up mobile processes and streamlining existing procedures to fine tune a pre-existing business to make them as efficient as possible.

The end goal? To give you more time to focus on your actual life, increase revenue while laying a solid foundation for your business that will allow for uncapped growth. At the end of the day we want to run successful businesses while still being able to enjoy our loved ones that made us go after our dreams in the first place.


Simply Happy Life